Ceramic Diffuser

Ceramic Diffuser

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This ceramic diffuser features a handmade ceramic flower on top of a decorative white ceramic basin. This unique ceramic flower diffuser fragrances the air while enhancing your home or work environment with soothing aromatherapy. The diffuser works by dispersing Commah's 100% pure essential oil or diffuser oil directly into the air without the use of water by absorbing pure essential oil through a wick in the reservoir up through the decorative ceramic flower.


(One 0.3oz essential oil is not included)

  • Ceramic flower absorbs essential oil and diffuses into the air
  • No electricity or water needed
  • Fragrance lasts for days
  • Diffuser can be used with your favorite Commah 100% pure essential oils or Diffuser Oils.

Instructions: Add 100% pure Commah essential oil or diffuser Oil to the reservoir so the oil is deep enough to submerge the bottom of the wick. No water needed. Replace lid making sure the wick is touching the oil. Place the diffuser in a prominent location in your room. Diffuser begins wicking immediately. Allow several hours for the maximum effect. Aroma strength progressively increases until fully absorbed. Refresh by adding more oil at any time.

Handle with care. Flower is fragile. Some oil remains in wick and flower after reservoir is empty. If you desire to change type of oil for future use, allow entire diffuser (both pieces separately) to dry out for several days so the the wicking portion is clear of the original fragrance. When taking off the lid be careful not to spill. Place lid in a spill proof container to clean.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jesee Te Stroete
Beautiful Accent Piece

This diffuser is an awesome addition to any room. No plug in, no water, just add your favorite Commah essential oil scent and enjoy. I just may get one for every room! Highly recommend!

Denise Stander
Best Ceramic Diffuser

Not only is this diffuser beautiful, it emits the scent of the essential oils throughout my room.

Coach Drews
Ceramic Diffuser

Amazing diffuser that omits just the right amount of scent and yet looks cute and professional. Many teachers and administrators walk into my office stating, "WOW! It always smells so good in here!" Thank you, Commah!!